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Welcome to 359 Dental & Orthodontics in Fulshear, TX, your local dentist & orthodontist.
We’re located at 8411 Main St., Suite E, Fulshear, TX 77441.

Nice People

Our team includes the best kind of hosts. They’re welcoming, hospitable, and genuinely pleased to make you feel at home.

Easy Scheduling

Your hands are the fullest kind of full, so we take easy scheduling seriously and, if you want, you can book your entire family at once.

Expert Care

Whether you’re looking to prevent problems from happening or need immediate attention, we’ve got your oral health covered.

You don’t settle for subpar service anywhere else.

The dental industry should do better, too.

Good quality dental care is a must for you and your family, that’s a given. But, life is busy and getting your crew to the dentist is rarely the brightest burning fire you’ve got to put out. When you finally do, it’s so typical for that appointment to become a hurdle to get over in your day. Old, stale offices, a musty-medical aroma, and – despite the fact that you’re paying them for their service – a team who treats you like you’re keeping them from the end of their work day has, unfortunately, become the norm. Cleary, we can do better.

At 359 Dental & Orthodontics in Fulshear, TX, you get first-class dental care in a space that feels more like a boutique than a medical office. Our team stands out for being nice and we’ve made scheduling as easy as sending an email. So, we think you’ll love it here – almost as much as we’ll love having you.

We became
dentists to help.

Our doctors stay a step ahead of the game with advanced training and procedures to provide optimal care, but also … they’re kind. You’ll never feel judged about how long it’s been since you’ve visited or when your kid gets a cavity.
We take your trust seriously and promise our highest quality and most attentive care.
Dr. Quinton Parks
B.S. in Biology, Brigham Young University
D.D.S., University of Illinois
Dr. Ulysses Hsu working at 359 Dental & Orthodontics
Dr. Ulysses Hsu
Dr. Hsu decided to become an orthodontist and completed his specialty training and Master of Science in Dentistry degree at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco.

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Going to the dentist could be the best part of your day! We’re up for the challenge.

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Don’t let your family’s teeth control
when you end up at the dentist.

Let’s take the best care of the smiles most important to you.

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