Root Canal & Endodontics

Thanks to endodontic advancements and root canal treatments, having a diseased nerve does not necessarily mean you will have to lose your tooth. At 359 Dental & Orthodontics, our advanced team of dentists are able to save your tooth and your smile!

When a tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity, bacteria is able to enter the pulp tissue and can cause an infection inside the tooth. If the diseased tissue is not removed, an abscess can form, accompanied by pain and swelling that can negatively impact the jawbone.

Dealing with the root issue is crucial, as untreated infection can cause you to lose your tooth and, even worse, can result in serious health problems. But thankfully, through a relatively simple root canal procedure, our experts are able to remove the affected tissue, clean and seal the interior of the tooth and fill the problem area with dental composite. In cases of extensive decay, a crown may be needed to strengthen and further protect the tooth. If good care is maintained, a restored tooth can last a lifetime!

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