If your teeth seem to overlap or be too close together, it’s important to have them examined by an orthodontist to find out if they are overcrowded. You may be wondering “Does an orthodontist remove teeth?”

If your orthodontist sees that your teeth are overcrowded, they may recommend tooth removal, but only if it is likely to produce the best outcome. It also won’t happen in the orthodontist’s office, so you’ll have time to think of any questions you may have and how you might want to prepare.

Why is Overcrowding a Problem?

Overcrowded teeth can be a problem because it can make it more difficult to clean and care for your teeth properly if they overlap, twist or are too close together. If you’re wondering if your orthodontist removes teeth, the answer is likely no, even if they’ve spotted overcrowding and recommended an extraction.

It can be helpful to discuss their referral and reasons for a tooth extraction. An Orthodontist aren’t likely to recommend such an action without good reasons, such as to impacted teeth. A tooth is referred to as impacted when it is unable to erupt completely through the gums for any reason. Overlapping and impacted teeth can be caused by overcrowding, and can put your dental health at a lot greater risk for tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Overcrowding of teeth is sometimes thought of as a cosmetic issue because it can affect the appearance of your smile, but it can also affect a lot more than that so it’s important to address it for health reasons.

When is Tooth Removal Necessary?

If your orthodontist determines that your teeth are overcrowded, they may recommend tooth removal or extraction. Tooth removal can be helpful if your mouth is smaller than average or if you have extra teeth such as wisdom teeth. It’s important to get the professional and experienced opinion of an orthodontist regarding which teeth should be removed, or if any teeth need to be removed, before having any procedures done to help ensure the best future outcome for your smile. You may be asking, will the Orthodontist remove teeth? The answer is that an orthodontist will refer you to an appropriate dental professional to have any extractions completed.

Call an Orthodontist

If you’re concerned about overcrowding or just curious about the options available to improve your smile, don’t hesitate to contact an orthodontist to determine what your smile needs. Having a list handy for your first visit can help ensure you don’t miss any questions about your orthodontic treatment. The sooner you see one, the closer you’ll be to your ideal smile.

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